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9 High-Dividend Stocks for October 2023 and How to Invest

When everyone else is struggling to secure funds for a reasonable price, Realty Income’s portfolio will enable it to both grow and increase its already attractive monthly payout. As a result, today’s investors need to view the company’s latest drop in share price as an opportunity to add one of the best dividend stocks for 2022 to their portfolios. Prologis’ pristine balance sheet gave way to a quarterly payout of $0.79 per share in the third quarter.

  • For the quarter, revenue decreased 3.6% to $32.6 billion, which was $720 million below estimates.
  • The top 15 list for September posted a loss of 6.41% and sees its long-term alpha over both benchmarks decrease.
  • While SPY continues to outpace my watchlist this year, since inception, the watchlist maintains a respectable level of alpha.
  • Pfizer should continue to generate plenty of cash to fund future dividends.
  • Merck has the highest historical EPS growth on this list, but analysts expect the company’s growth to slow to an average of 10.5% over the next five years.

ECL’s most recent hike came in December 2022, with a 4% increase in the quarterly payment to 53 cents per share. Happily for long-term dividend growth investors, BRO’s inclusion in the main benchmark for U.S. equity performance also opened the door to the Dividend Aristocrats. Brown & Brown was added to the elite list of equity income stalwarts in 2022, thanks to its nearly three-decade streak of annual dividend increases. The No. 1 consideration in buying a dividend stock is the safety of its dividend.

International Business Machines

The logistics company last raised its semiannual dividend in May 2023, to 69 cents a share from 67 cents a share. The stock’s 15-year annualized total return beats the broader market’s performance by a couple of percentage points. Perhaps less well known is that SJM is an equity income machine, having increased its dividend annually for 26 years, per S&P.

That said, Enbridge’s balance sheet is in fairly strong shape today, with leverage well within management targets. That’s positive because it reduces the company’s need to buy or build assets as it looks to extend its 28-year streak of annual dividend increases. Although the yield on the payout might not wow investors, Nordson’s epic streak of dividend increases certainly proves the company’s commitment to returning cash to shareholders. S&P says the company has hiked its payout for 43 consecutive years.

Monthly dividends are great because they line up with our expenses. For instance, we might have a big January, but that’s followed by an OK February and a lean March where that check alone wouldn’t come close to covering the bills. In this article, we discuss 12 best energy dividend stocks to buy now. You can skip our detailed analysis of the energy sector’s performance and other energy dividend stocks, and go directly to read 5 Best Energy Dividend Stocks to Buy Now. Lastly, to learn more about investing in the highest dividend stocks, trading, crypto, bonds, retirement and more, sign up for one of our free newsletters today.

Beneath the surface, however, DLR is a “picks and shovels” play on the entire data industry. That said, the company is simultaneously on the “best dividend stocks 2022” list and the apparent beneficiary of long-term secular tailwinds in one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. The only stock on this list to not be paying dividends for the past century is Microsoft. But this is still a company that has been paying dividends for decades, with its payouts going back to the early 2000s. And given the significant cash flow that Microsoft generates, it wouldn’t be surprising for this to be a future Dividend King.

  • VICI Properties is a REIT focusing on owning experiential real estate like casinos.
  • The company’s solid operations make its dividend, which yields 0.8%, incredibly safe as the stock’s payout ratio is less than 60%.
  • As recently as July, Stanley Black & Decker’s board of directors approved a $0.01 per-share increase to its quarterly dividend, marking the company’s 55th consecutive annual dividend increase.
  • Stocks that pay dividends over a long period often like to boast about their track records, and it gives them incentive to extend the streak further.
  • Here’s a brief look at what makes each of these high-yield dividend stocks look like attractive buys in 2023.

However, if the stock is riskier, you might want to buy less of it and put more of your money toward safer choices. If you’re going to reinvest your dividends, you’ll need the pin bar trading strategy to recalculate your cost basis — the amount you originally paid to purchase the stock. The investing information provided on this page is for educational purposes only.

And with a bright future ahead, it’s unlikely that is going to change anytime soon. Indeed, 68 consecutive years of annual dividend increases is proof positive of the company’s commitment to returning cash to shareholders. And few have been steadier than FRT, which owns retail and mixed-use real estate in several major metropolitan areas. Federal Realty Investment Trust has now hiked its payout every year for 56 years – the longest consecutive record in the REIT industry. Its latest increase – upping the quarterly dividend by a penny to $1.09 per share – was announced in August 2023.

Top 25 High Dividend Stocks Yielding 4% to 10%+

Income investors who want cash flow buy dividend stocks, although the best dividend stocks deliver good long-term appreciation in addition to income. High dividend yields are nice, but they aren’t the only factor to consider when buying a dividend stock. Ideally, a dividend stock is financially strong and growing—continued stability and growth signals that the company’s dividend is sustainable over the long term and likely to be increased regularly. While not surprising to those who have owned the stock for decades, it may shock many to learn Stanley Black & Decker is still one of the highest dividend stocks on income investors’ wishlists. Despite the company’s share price coming in a lot from its 52-week high, there are a number of reasons to be excited for one of the world’s most popular tool manufacturers. However, it is worth noting that the international crisis has shown no signs of cooling off.

Share price fluctuations means that your investment can (and almost certainly will) decline in value, at least temporarily (and possibly permanently) do to market volatility. Leading alternative asset manager Blackstone has a unique dividend policy. The company returns almost all of its earnings to investors via dividends and share repurchases. Because of that, npbfx forex broker review its dividend payment changes each quarter as its earnings fluctuate. However, the overall payment has steadily risen over the years, along with Blackstone’s earnings. While the company hasn’t increased its payout every year, AvalonBay has grown its dividend at a 5% annual rate since its 1994 initial public offering (IPO), including by 3.8% in early 2023.

How can you find dividend per share?

With the global net lease real estate market estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 trillion, Realty Income has plenty of opportunity to grow. In periods of high inflation, dividend stocks have recorded strong performance relative to the broader market. Companies that hold long dividend growth track records are particularly popular in this regard. Dividend growers and initiators delivered an annual average return of 10.4% from January 1973 to December 1984, as reported by Sterling Capital. During the same period, non-dividend stocks returned 5.1% annually.

How To Invest In Dividend Stocks

The report referred to data by Ibbotson, Refinitiv Datastream, Standard & Poor’s, and J.P. Morgan Asset Management and mentioned that since 1926, dividends have accounted for a significant percentage of overall market returns. To look under the hood of a high-dividend stock, start by comparing the dividend yields among its peers. If a company’s dividend yield is much higher than that of similar companies, it could be a red flag. At the very least, it’s worth additional research into the company and the safety of the dividend. Companies that pay dividends tend to be well-established, so dividend stocks may also add some stability to your portfolio.

NextEra Energy Partners operates 34 contracted renewable generation assets consisting of wind and solar projects in 12 states across the United States. The company also operates contracted natural gas pipelines in Texas which accounts for about a fifth of NextEra Energy Partners’ income. Click here to instantly download your free high dividend stocks spreadsheet now, along with important investing metrics. Click here to instantly download your free high dividend stocks spreadsheet of 200+ securities now, along with important investing metrics.

Here are the total returns for all past and present watchlist stocks since first appearing on the watchlist. Out of the 74 stocks that are on this list, 52 (54 last month) have positive total returns and 22 have negative total returns, the average return is 15.00% (21.87% last month). The watchlist has been around the white coat investor for 37 months, the average duration for all 74 stocks is 28.08 months. The highest-ranked 15 stocks with a forecasted return greater than or equal to 12% were chosen for the watchlist. Dover last raised its payout in August 2023, when it upped the quarterly outlay to 51 cents per share from 50.5 cents per share.

How to Avoid Making False Comparisons with Dividend Stocks

Consequently, some companies prefer to pay larger dividends less frequently, whereas others may pay smaller dividends more regularly. As their names suggest, high dividend stocks pay significant dividends to their shareholders, whereas “growth” stocks do not. That’s not to say dividend stocks can’t offer growth (they can), but rather that their dividend yield is coveted. The company’s solid operations make its dividend, which yields 0.8%, incredibly safe as the stock’s payout ratio is less than 60%. The first is to dollar-cost average into at least or more quality dividend-paying stocks across multiple sectors and industries.

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