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How to Stop Drinking: 14 Tips for Success

Engaging in physical exercise and outdoor activities can boost your mental wellbeing and help you resist the urge to drink out of boredom. Some fun and exciting examples of physical exercise and outdoor activities include kayaking drinking out of boredom or fishing, camping, spin class, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Zumba, Bootcamp, and Class Pass. By engaging in these activities, you can effectively quit drinking, replace boredom drinking, and promote a healthier lifestyle in 2023.

  • It’s pretty normal to reduce the entire experience of boredom in sobriety to missing alcohol and believing that getting drunk is the primary way you (and everyone else) have fun.
  • Researchers know that your emotions and mood often influence when, what, and how much you eat (20, 21).
  • It is also responsible for regulating movement and emotional response.
  • The biggest thing you can do to avoid eating out of boredom is to consider what you’re eating by practicing mindful eating.
  • What did you enjoy doing before drinking came around and took over your social life?

Swapping our routines and habits that are damaging you for ones that can strengthen your body and soul will give you a really clear reason why you want to stop Mental health needs as much attention as physical health, so if you are suffering, go and talk to your doctor. Eating well, staying hydrated, getting physical activity, and not stocking up on alcohol for the winter are other helpful strategies to stop drinking out of boredom.

Tips to stop drinking out of boredom

“Almost alcoholic” is a term that refers to individuals who skirt the boundaries of having a drinking problem. It’s the fine line at which point a person may cross over from casual drinking into having an alcohol use disorder. An almost alcoholic may engage in activities such as drinking out of boredom or alone. Knowing how to identify the signs of heading toward alcoholism can allow you or a loved one to seek treatment and recover. Most people drink to fill some sort of void, like boredom, loneliness, an unhappy relationship, job-related stress or anxiety.

In order to break a boredom eating habit, it helps to first recognize your individual patterns of overeating. Use your journal to come up with a more sensible eating plan, and remember that it’s OK to schedule a fun snack at some point in the day. You don’t have to give up everything; you just want to break the random, mindless, emotional eating habit you’ve developed in response to boredom.


From there, you may need social support, consistent self-care, and new routines that can help redirect your mind. All these tips are here to help you prevent drinking out of boredom. They give you alternatives to drinking to fill gaps in your life. If you want to get better control of your drinking, you need to think about what your future drink-free life will look like. Boredom is totally natural and we all feel it, but it can be hard to find a way out of your rut.

It can also be a good excuse to keep on returning to these substances. This can eventually meant that the individual develops a dependency. Fear that life away from alcohol or drugs will be boring can keep people trapped in their addiction.

Tip 1: Get conscious about what’s driving your drinking out of boredom

It also makes you accountable to others and them to you, if you’ve extended your hand for help. Drugs or alcohol can appear to take away the pain of emotional, mental, or physical challenges. Boredom is often simply a state of awareness that shows up just prior to the surfacing of difficult, painful thoughts and feelings we have pushed away from our conscious awareness. People with alcohol addiction physically crave the substance and are often inconsolable until they start drinking again.

Cameo to the Moon, and Back – The New York Times

Cameo to the Moon, and Back.

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